The company was founded in 1970 when Antonio Schiarea and Carmelo Accalai decided to join forces and open Accalai&Schiarea, a workshop located in via Altaguardia in Milan. Antonio Schiarea and Carmelo Accalai had accrued extensive experience since the early 50s as heads of the woodwork division at OMAR S.p.A, a leading company in Italy at the time.

In that workshop they developed a very wide range of products, ranging from exhibition stands to furnishings, based on the design of the most renowned Milanese architects and custom-produced for numerous high profile companies like Honeywell, Ideal Standard, Olivetti, Wemex, Schlumberger and Dalmine.

1978 marked a turning point for the company, when the workshop was moved to a new location, in Pieve Emanuele, a suburb south of Milan, giving the company an opportunity to expand and develop into a bigger, more specialized business.

In 1985, Carmelo and Antonio, after having gained visibility in the market while remaining committed to further expanding their field of action and experimenting with new sectors, decided to split the company and move in different directions. While Carmelo concentrated on interior design, Antonio decided to specialize in large project design. This led to the founding of Schiarea Antonio Falegnameria, which in 2002 became Schiarea S.r.l.


Currently, Schiarea S.r.l. is a 360° organization specializing in custom-made furnishings, based on 40 years of experience in the development of exhibition and congress stands, stages for conventions and associated furnishings. The company provides products and services ranging from small promotional corners to the furniture for large department stores, communities and large spaces.

The ample product range is oriented towards high quality, low cost and creative content, which gives its articles an original touch, making for a highly innovative product, thanks also to the use of state-of-the-art materials, constant technological upgrading and the implementation of the latest production processes.

Particular credit goes to the company personnel, who, thanks to their businesslike and highly professional approach, combined with courtesy and dedication, make it possible to guarantee excellent services in all stages of the company’s activities.



In addition to designing all the ideas directly received from customers, our technical office is a support partner for the development of projects designed by architects and designers.


Schiarea S.r.l.’s activity, in all the stages from product design to product development, can be described as follows:
Briefing: this is when a product to be developed is analyzed, both from the point of view of quality and price points, along with the most suitable materials to emphasize its function and enhance its impact; 3D design: this is when a project, whether a display or a large layout, is designed using computer graphics that support not only projects in general, but also custom jobs. In addition to regular production in digital printing, 3D design provides the customer with a print preview.

Production is broken down into 5 divisions, all strictly monitored to guarantee compliance with all the currently existing regulations in the matter of internal and external safety.